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Default Re: Is there a Canadian version of this site?

So I finally gave up on looking for a 41 chain after coming to the conclusion that they cannot and will not be found in Niagara Falls. I went to a steel fabrication shop and had a spring loaded tensioner made the same as the one in this thread 2nd last post -> to take up the excess slack in my chain since the stock tensioner would not take up the enough slack and removing a link made it too short to connect the ends together even with the stock tensioner at its lowest point.

The bike rode great and there was some metal on metal noise which was gone after making this tensioner as well as it was a lot smoother in the jerkiness dept.

After a couple good smooth starts the next time I went to start it something jammed up. I tried pedaling slowly and starting it a few times to try and find what was jamming but before I could my chain snapped and somehow popped out the holding pin on the clutch lever along with the little spring. So I removed the link again now the chain is too short. I said to **** with the tensioner and I was in the process of taking it off and my pliers slipped and I ended up snapping a spoke on my back rim. Whenever I get a new chain that tensioner is going in the parts bin and I'm going without a tensioner.

Great for everyone who has a car and their bikes are just a leaisure thing but this bike is my ONLY means of transportation so what I need to know now is when I order a new chain and finish waiting a week for shipping, since I'm going to be riding around missing a spoke what is the best way to maximize whatever life is left in the back rim. ($ at the current time does not allow the purchase of a new rim so I need to make this one last as long as possible). What do I need to look for so I know the rim is going to fail at any time? Will other spokes just start to bend, will the ride just get wobbly or will they snap too while riding and jam up in other spokes creating for a crash??? Whats the best way to know a rim is 150% finished without waiting for the actual crash?
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