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Default Re: Is there a Canadian version of this site?

Hmm... haven't lived in Ontario for about 6 years, myself...
Try TSC stores.. as they bill themselves, "your superstore for farm/auto/hardware".. I recall the one I used to poke around in in the London area had just about everything. There must be one in your area, even surrounded by vinyards some folks'll need farm supply equipment. NAPA is also a good place to go, too. Then there's Princess Auto, of course. And you can always make that quick trip over the bridge to Buffalo if you need something from an American supplier.

On a side note, I make myself re-read any post I'm about to hit 'submit' on, not only for spelling etc, but to see if I should post it or cancel it due to fatigue (If I'm too tired I really shouldn't hit 'Enter'..) or pain (I'm not the nicest person when my arthritis is acting up, but I often don't realise it until I review what I'm about to post).


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