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Default Re: Is there a Canadian version of this site?

I wasnt taking it out on anyone or on the site or placing blame on anyone. I was annoyed and so tired I LITERALLY falling asleep at the keyboard when I posted that. (Guess that explains all the spelling mistakes and stuff) I'm just in kind of an emergency situation to find a chain and I need it by tmrw 3:30pm. What was getting to me is all this time looking and 99.9% of the suggestions were for a store that I have no access to and was hitting dead ends at every local place I called and even bike shops and auto shops can't point me in the right directionj. There answer is I don't know.

Zoom Bicycles is where I got the motor from originally but there hasnt been any forum activity for 2 month so Im highly doubtful I would get a reply on there by tmrw.

Royal Distributing unless I overlooked something it lists chains on p. 250 and 304. They do not have 41 or 415. The smallest they list is 420.

Thatdax has good prices and I bookmarked them but there is no way they could have this to me by tmrw and of course just my luck it would also get held up at customs for a week or something like that + there is also shipping so that would make the same price as if I went to Princess auto in Ontario. Only problem with that is Im not up for pedaling 4 hours to Hamilton especially with all the uphill/downhill roads here. There a reason I put a motor on my bike.

And this is the reason I am so desperate to find a place locally that sells them. If I have to order them from online I swear Im gonna order like 10 or something so I never have to look for one of these chains again.

Bottom line is Im not placing BLAME on anyone. I was looking for an active forum similar to this where I could find people locally that might be able tto say yeah they have them at this place. Its at the corner of xxx and xxx street.
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