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Default Re: EMT conduit handlebars?

The handle bars do fit the goose neck.....they are too big for the throttle to spin freely. FIX....I cut the 3/4" conduit back to where the throttle attaches leaving under the clamp 3/4" - while exposing the 1/2" to fit inside of the plastic portion of the throttle handle. So the clamp fixes to the 3/4" as it should and there is plenty of room with the 1/2" for the throttle to spin freely.
On the clutch side I drilled the hole bigger to fit.
Was it worth it?
To me yes since I can say its my custom bars. Everyone needs to modify something for these kits to fit each different bike. I could have purchased a set similar to what I made but, not exactly what I wanted for $60 delivered to my house but, they are chrome. It's hard to paint chrome. These where free and they will work.
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