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Default Re: 1951 Schwinn Panther - maybe?

Originally Posted by vgirl View Post
I'm saving those pics for inspiration. I love the gas tank on the first one. That would be a find. I'm thinking magic pie rear wheel, disc brakes on front, fake gas tank, big fatty cream tires and new chrome. I'm debating black with cream and red pinstripes or maybe blue and cream paint. I have a friend who used to work for a manufacturing place and he did the painting and powder coating. He has a friend with a manufacturing plant and can get that work done for me. She's gonna be pretty.

I love that sidecar silverbear. It was one of the things I came across when I started on this forum. My holidays are usually spent canoe tripping and that sidecar was close to my heart. I'm not so sure how appreciative my dog will be although she just loves canoeing. lol
Either colour combo should look great. My Schwinn cruiser is blue and cream, whitewall balloon tires and chrome. Anywhere it goes I get people stopping and checking it out. (Too bad it's a '95 repro, not an early model). If you can get it powder coated, great, it's a far more durable finish than spray paint.
Maybe I'm misinformed, but I thought you could get a 'Limited Speed Motorcycle' or LSM endorsement on your license in Ontario to ride powered bikes.


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