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Default Re: 1951 Schwinn Panther - maybe?

I so love the idea of the belt drive and that is the way I would go if I was going gas but silverbear is correct. The legal issues, while grey enough that there is some chance of escaping them, are such that it could totally devastate my license and impact my job. I'm not sure it's worth the chance. Kindest regards to everyone for their help and enthusiasm. I'm finding it so easy to want to get carried away. lol

Silverbear your ideas are close along my line of thought. I checked out that electric Juicer and while I'm not that talented it has given me some imagining room for the possibilities. Sleek and silent like a panther should be.

Dan you must be a little bit of a poet. She needs a classy name. Maybe for a little fake gas tank. I like grace and lady.
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