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Default Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle

While we're going to have to keep waiting for fuel cell cars here in America, it's possible that China will be able to create a hydrogen refueling infrastructure more easily than the rest of the world. The reason? Well, because rather than retrofitting existing stations they mainly have to choose which fueling stations to build. So while GM is planning on selling hydrogen cars there, a much smaller company, Pearl Hydrogen, is making hydrogen bikes.

Unfortunately, the bike is still far too expensive for its proposed market, but representatives are saying that the price should drop from $2500 to $500 when they go to mass production. The bikes speed along at 15 mph for 60 miles and, when they run out of fuel, they can be ridden like a normal bike.

Unfortunately, that might be the default state, as the hydrogen infrastructure currently doesn't exist. In any case, it's better than a two-stroke moped.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle : Yahoo! Green
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