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Default Re: single speed bike converts to multi speed?

I would stay with a five or six speed freewheel at most myself-

but measure it all first-
theres also a nice little 3 cog freewheel usually on ebay for abot $12 shipped-

it might be easiest to try to get a wheel with a freewheel hub already built up- maybe even find some biogus used mountain bike on craigs for less than buying a whole wheel-

if you ran 700c or 27" on the back, it's usually A LOT easier to find a caliper brake for the bike- 700c gives you more tire options, but 27 tires are usually pretty cheap these days

Are you tal;king about a Thruster single fixie? Then probably the freewheel would screw on but you may need to get a longer axle and some spacers and maybe even bend the frame just a bit- that's why the smaller the better- You may have to cut a longer axle back down

but measure carefully- I wouldn't try to get more than an 1/8 " out of it- so measure first!

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