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just wanted to add here that a few years back I ran one of the pull starts for a while, as they are from china they're junky and clunky, I took mine apart and put a very strong small dia. rope in it in place of that stupid cable idea it came with, it never failed on me once, another thing that is a must on the pull starts is that you dont jerk them when trying to start the engine, you should get hold of the handle, lift until there isn't ant slack in the rope and then with a good even pull just use it to spin the engine over, and they do ok, but if you just grab the handle and start yanking the ever living crap out of it, they will fail shortly, you cant get to rough with themsince there poorly constructed.

just thought I would share my personal experience with the pull starters, also had same experience with the pull starters on some of the Chinese made 6.5HP GX200 Honda Clone engines.

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