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Default Re: 1951 Schwinn Panther - maybe?

Originally Posted by vgirl View Post
Thanks silverbear.

My issue was I don't like messing with anything if it's of any type of historical significance.

I have a knee condition called patella alta. They are badly worn and need replacing which the surgeon's don't want to do because they say I am too young. I loved bike riding when I was younger but can't anymore. All I'm looking for is a motor that will go fast enough to keep up with friends when they are biking. And I want the safest setup I can come up with. I already fell off my husband's bike when I grazed a curb and broke my elbow. I learned some lessons the hard way. :-)

I have no plans to chop the bike in any way just refurbish add an engine nice big balloon tires and keep it classy and vintage looking. For $50 I just couldn't resist.
Wow Vgirl, Talk about getting right back on the horse. Very admirable.

Your bike is gorgeous. I think she is screaming for a China Girl engine. Might need an adapter to clear the pedal side chain guard but man, would be beautiful!

Can't wait to see what you build!
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