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Default Re: changing the spin on a sprocket

Originally Posted by Saddletramp1200 View Post
I have thought about that for years. But not on a front wheel. I would highly recomend you don't do that. You stop that front wheel and you land on your head. You stop that rear wheel you slide. The bike will flip. Instant trip to the E.R., Or heaven forbid the Morgue.
Oh yeah!!! Bad Bad memories have just resurfaced. When I was 13, 1974, I got a 10 speed for Christmas...with the classic ram horn handlebars. I was peddaling along at a good clip and in a panic forgot which was the front brake and which was the rear...I just grabbed one...50/50 chance, but of course it was the front. I went face first into the pavement so fast I didn't even have time to let go of the handlebars. I went into a drug store in the plaza I was riding in, crying, with my bottom lip wrapped over and impaled by my lower teeth, bloody nose, and a nasty lump/road rash on my forehead. I will never forget how kind the people were in that store.

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