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Default Re: 1951 Schwinn Panther - maybe?

I believe the seat that was on it is from the 1960's or even later. Probably the other seat was getting pretty tired and it got upgraded.
Here's something to consider. Instead of a gas engine you could instead use an electric motor which is built into the hub of the rear wheel. There would be several advantages. One is that the switch to electric is straightforward and doesn't really alter the bike. It would be a different wheel (the electric motor is already built in to the wheel). You would not need to pedal at all, but are free to do so if you want.
. Starting it is just twisting the throttle which also controls the speed. It is silent so you could ride with friends and chat to your heart's content and it has enough power tht they would have trouble keeping up with you. It will walk right up the hills. With the newer type batteries you can go as far as 30 miles or so between charges.
The down side is that it is initially more expensive, particularly the batteries. Another thing on the plus side is that there is no more maintenance than you would have with a non motorized bike. I don't know what the brake is on the newer electric wheel, but that is something to look in to since you would no longer have a coaster brake. Someone here will know about the newer generation of "magic pie" motors. You would also want to have a front brake of some kind, even just a cantilever brake. An adapter is available so that you can put that kind of brake on your old Schwinn. If they're no longer being sold I think I have an extra one I could send you.

When we guys see your panther our brains go "vroom" and we want to put a gas motor on it and go faster than is sensible. I'm guessing quiet might appeal to you more. The guys here with the magic pie motors seem to really like them. I've only heard good things. You can still have fatty tires for a comfy ride. Just a suggestion. What a classy ride that would be!
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...

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