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Default Re: Reasons for riding MB

I got into motorized bicycles because of my driver's license was suspended. Just never drive without insurance . . .

I lost my job due to my lack of transportation. I used to ride mini choppers around, but the cops gave me a HUGE legal threat one day (like five tickets), but they let me go on a warning never to ride them again. It makes me mad because I see people riding them around here all the time.

Anyway, I was totally broke when I discovered motorized bicycles online. I gathered up about $35 and said, "Yep, this should be enough to do it." I then found a scrap yard on craigslist that showed a MASSIVE pile of rusty bicycles. I got a ride over there and found a beach cruiser in fairly ride-able condition (no brakes though) for $15. I then purchased a running leaf blower for $10, and a plank of wood, some bolts, and a push mower throttle control (you know, turtle to rabbit) for a total of $12 and some change. I spent about three hours figuring out how to turn all of that into a working FD. Ended up mounting the motor to the plank, then securing that to the back of the bike. I was surprised by how comfortable the ride was. I that thing for the rest of the summer with no brakes. (I wired a kill switch to use engine braking.) The next spring, I bought a chinese 2-stroke from ebay. It was used, and I got it for $75 (originally $100, but I got a $25 discount because the seller didn't package it very well, and there were broken cooling fins and a smashed muffler when it arrived.)

Ever since then, I've been totally hooked. Even when I get my license back, I'm not gonna quit motor bicycling. I ride for much more than transportation. Sometimes I get "cabin fever", and I take off on my bike. Sometimes I'm just overworked with college coursework, so I take off for a while. Sometimes I just need some toilet paper, so I take off on my motorized bicycle. Whatever the reason for the trip, I always come back in higher spirits.

BTW, I've got like 1500 miles on my original china girl engine. Okay, so maybe it IS on the third jug, but break-in's not all that bad, right? Oh, I've also managed to install some working brakes, so don't worry about me.

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