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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I walked my dogs this morning while thinking about all the work that I wanted to get done to the bike today. A thunderstorm rolled in right before I got back from walking the dogs. Drat! So I pulled the bike in my house to work on it in the living room. I covered the gas tank with a plastic bag and a rag to help protect against fume leakage. Then I grabbed the mapp/pro torch and removed my left pedal (with a wrench, not with the torch lol). I then heated the pedal arm red hot, and carefully bent it back to the correct angle (got bent during a spill I took). I then adjusted the tension on my primary drive chain, and sprayed my clutch out with brake cleaner. After adjusting my primary chain, my secondary drive chain was loose, so I adjusted that as well. Then I took the bike outside and started it up just to help the brake cleaner dry out of the clutch a little bit better. Revved it a few times while up on the double kickstand, then shut it off. All in all, a good day of motorized bicycle repair. Now just need to adjust my lower fork seals and replace a broken mirror.
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