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Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Well said Otero!
I was thinking how nice it was the other day riding my next build bike without a motor. Just the hum of the tires and the fresh air to keep me company.
Then I ran out of breath ten feet from the house and parked it to wait on the motor kit.
I can relate Maniac, 35 years of 2 packs a day tends to take the wind out of my sails about the same time my legs give out which isn't far.

That aside if you ever get a chance to ride an electric bike do so.
My electric trike won't run with spandexters but my electric Cadillac would and then some.
960W with a NuVinci shifter, very quite, not even gear change sound, and it would do 38MPH.

Let off the throttle and it turns off (no idle) and it coasts like the wind with no motor drag due to the motors sprocket freewheel, great for just pedaling as well.

I could blow by pedestrians walking the same way on the sidewalk I was going (back to me) and startle them a bit like a bicycle would but not like the Spandexters on the road with me.

I only got a chance to smile a couple of times with them when conditions were right to wind it all it all the way up and blow by dead quit pedaling slowly backwards and then *poof* be gone when I hit the throttle again.
Those couple of times were moments of Zen though my friends hehehe ;-}

Really though, it is eerie riding that fast with almost no noise but the wind and surrounding sounds so if you get chance try one.
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