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Yup. I'm one of those who still rides a regular old pedal bike, too. No spandex, by the way. I'm a 'fred'. Though I love my motor assisted bike, I'm not at all certain that I would choose it over the pedaller. But having either and both available, whichever I want on that particular day, is terrific.

I built my first one in the spring of 2008. At that time I had never seen one and neither had anyone that I know of around here. It got a lot of attention. Thumbs-up from Harley riders. One guy walked up with his jaw hanging open and asked, "Is that an original Harley?" Others asked if it was a Whizzer.

One day I was riding uptown and a motorcycle came from my right on the cross street and turned into the parking lot on the other side. As he made his turn I could see the profile of the bike; unmistakably an old Triumph. So I rode across and parked next to him to have a look. It was a Bonneville 750 in very nice shape. So I said, 'Well how about that? A classic Triumph!' The guy was looking down, just beginning to pull his helmet off. He pulled it off and then slowly lifted up and scanned my bike, side to side. He looked me in the eye and said, 'Nice bike...' That was a proud moment. But I admitted that it wasn't as nice as his.

Since then there have been motorized bikes in my neighborhood. Mostly china girls. But I can think of one 4 stroke. Most of them don't last long. I've seen many people once or twice, then I don't see them again. But I can tell now that they are more familiar to the general public. They're no longer as mystified by them. But many people are still interested. And there's an occasional hostile jerk.
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