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Default Re: Quality gas tanks?

Originally Posted by dumpstercrusher View Post
the gas tank you have is very unique but looks cool! did you have trouble fitting that fork onto that frame?
...actually, i bought the bike with that fork, i guess it's standard on some models of Micargi cruisers, no, lol, it was no trouble at all.

...i'm still a total noob at this stuff man so i'm learning as i go and i'm still very near the bottom of the learning curve myself. even that link to Coyote Gear isn't from me really, if i remember right it was either 2door, Scotto or bairdco who shared the link with someone else, i just took note of it for future reference and i was glad to share it with you, it's those guys who deserve the credit, i'm just the messenger, as it were.

btw, here's a picture of the original POS tank before i got rid of it and put the new one in place. ...note that i used the same rack, i just added a wooden deck to mount the new tank too.

peace, bozo
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