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Cool New guy, no bike...yet

Hey all,

I discovered this forum while doing some research on an old Schwinn I used to ride at my granddad's house when I was a boy. Motorized bicycles popped up on Google image search, and now I'm here.

The "honey I need a motorcycle" battle has been fought and lost at least a dozen times, but to be honest, the last few times I haven't fought all that hard. What I really want is something to ride 5 miles down the road to visit my brother, and a few miles past that to the local microbrewery. And who wants a Vespa when you could have a motorized bicycle? Plus motorized bicycles are much cheaper than motorcycles, and they've got that nostalgic vibe to them.

I look forward to lurking more, along the occasional question, and hopefully at some point posting pictures of my own build.

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