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Default Re: Reasons for riding MB

I wanted to be riding more, and the Goldwing was a lot of hassle for small trips in town, plus I was having mechanical problems with it, and wanted something simple.

I looked for a smaller motorcycle, and all the ones I saw were ridiculously high priced, and most of them were junkers anyway. (Thanks to American Pickers, everyone thinks that garbage is gold!)

While searching, I stumbled across motorized bicycles; then went to ebay and bought a CG kit. Then I bought a bicycle.

I never could get the CG kit to fire up, so I got frustrated and bought a 4-stroke FD kit. It fired right up, and the fun began!

For me, the motorized bicycle doesn't take the place of the cars or motorcycles, it just adds to the tools of freedom and exploration. I can't take it to all the places I want to ride, so I'm building a Lifan 140cc powered Honda Trail 90 too.

I also have a couple of other motorized bicycles' planned, so the motorized bicycle addiction is still there!
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