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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by graydog8josh View Post
get the 3 liter tank with the m6 bolts, those are the best, they have the nuts you can tighten with your 10mm wrench. In my experience riding around with the tank loose will surely break lose the welds that seal the tank around the bolt area. if you get it really super clean you can use jb weld to patch it.
yea i was looking at that because the way the bolts are set up but i dont know where to buy it. website i looked at was sold out

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Be aware the cheap 36tooth from BGF or LuckEarlyBird will wear out very quickly. Mine is less than two months old and is already wearing enough to cause noise and chain popping. It is too thin and made from soft steel. I will not buy another one from him.
uh oh well i hope mine is okay but then again i can always buy a new one. i bought mine off but the cheaper 36t. Didnt want to shell out 30-40 dollars for the top quality because i didnt know there was a difference

Originally Posted by graydog8josh View Post
soft steel? or aluminum?
No idea the quality it is made out of
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