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Originally Posted by Risingsunn View Post
I got an interesting look today. I was just coming back from Red Rock Canyon (if you are ever in Vegas you have GOT to go, it truly is a thing of beauty) on the paved bike trail near the highway and there were two spandexters. I was cruising about 25 or so and they were 150 yards in front of me, and as I started gaining on them they started pumping faster. So feeling a little playful I gave it a little more gas and got up to 30 to pass them. As I started to come along side of them one decided to flat out race me. So with a smile thrown over my should I gunned it, shot up to 35 or so and and blew past him. Best time I have had all week!
The last time I did that Karma immediately jumped up and shouted "Explosive Blowout!" and my rear tire went Bang! as I approached the bridge. He rode on past while I started pushing the beast up the incline.

The job site we're on is close enough to ride to.

The other day we're all out having our coffee break and my boss, his boss (the owner), and my supervisor were talking and looking at the work to be done. The owner suddenly stops what he's saying to them, looks at the beast a second time and says "What the he|| is that?" I took a drag off my smoke and said, "It's my bike." The usual questions come next, How far can it go on a tank? How much did it cost? You bought it like that, right? Whaddaya mean you built it yourself? and so on. At the end of it my boss says, '"Yeah, but does it have a bell on it?" being sarcastic. I flicked my butt down, ground it out, and hit the AirZound, and said "Yep." When the 110 db sounded he just about jumped out of his boots. We were all trying not to laugh too hard on the way back up the scaffolding.


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