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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well, I found out that this model of Huffy front wheel cannot use a regular type of bearing --- you have to use the individual BB bearings....9 on each side. Tried to make a regular bearing work, but no dice. The interior race/cone isn't inset enough to allow the use of a dust cover. Oh well....

However, I made a minor discovery this evening. A used toothbrush is an excellent grease packer for the bearings and cones!! I almost felt guilty in how clean my fingers remained after the procedure......almost. The toothbrush is a great way to dip into your grease cartridge (yeah, I'm too cheap to have a tub of grease and the cartridge for the grease gun). It also helps to evenly distribute the grease!!

I also upgraded my front brake pads (again) while I had the front wheel off. I guess my savings from not buying a tub of grease paid for the upgraded pads. Rationalization......
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