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Originally Posted by Otero View Post
I"m 64, a battle scarred defensive lineman. I get an 'Evil' thrill
every time I pedal my little Honda gx35 powered huffy 3 spd past a
spandexter strugglin' up a hill on a $2000 road bike. It's damn near
as much fun as winning my first live poker tourny.
Spandex. A single word that defines an entire class of rider and bike shop owners for that matter.

I get along with them for most part but I love it one wants to confront me with a scowl saying things like how I am ruining bicycling or cheating.

I give them a good long look up and down and depending on the comment I mention Lance Armstrong and that if I'm cheating, at least I am doing it in plane view on the bike and not lying about it.

If you have never seen a confrontational spandexter* put in his place it is a thing of beauty to watch ;-}

*SpanDexter: Noun. An obnoxious 'holier than thou' bicyclist acting like a Poindexter fool with total disregard for everyone or anything including motorists because they don't commute like he does.

I just came up with that this moment so I hereby proclaim I coined the word Spandexter and feel free to use it ;-}

Paul, have you ever come up to a stoplight line with a real motorcycle on a shifter next to you, looked each others rides over, and then surprised the **** out of them when you leave the line with them and they can't shake you until they throw all their extra horsepower at it to pull away?

It's even more fun when you reach the next light together again ;-}
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