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Default Re: The Name is "Nunya" (please don't call me "Nuny")

Good to know, and Nice looking bike.
Now i have to measure my old mountain bike, eyeball glance says it will fit, ugly rusty chrome, but it might fit. Turning it into a junk yard dog is just my style. might even go rat rod.

My mind is made up on the fenders though. bye, Bye Fenders.

So many decisions/ways to go.

Step one is to get it running and dependable. (dependable as you can get a China Girl that is.)

I'm learning a lot just reading through the threads here. (all 80 pages of the take a hint leave a hint for one, and a lot of other threads as well.)
There are at least 5 bikes running around the neighborhood, and i have already diagnosed and fixed problems on two of them.

I'm also thinking hard about pulling the head and jug to do a bit of Dremel work to clean thing up a bit. No hogging out ports, just smooth out the flow. (this would not be my first polish job, working on a set for a 70 Cutlass 350, and did a set for another 70's Olds years ago. )
Just debating the cost/time/benefit.

Suggestions are always welcome.
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