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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by xseler View Post
Last couple of times I rode, I noticed this weird 'squeak/creaking' noise. Tracked it down to the front wheel. Pulled the front wheel off, and the wheel didn't want to rotate on the axle. I never had been into the hub of this wheel, so I just thought that the factory over-tightened the cones.

Well, just to be safe, I removed everything to make sure there was enough grease on the bearings. As I loosened the cone, one of the ball bearings fell out. Hmmm.....bad bearing, I thought. Turns out that Huffy doesn't use a capture collar for their front ball bearings!! They were just loose in there! I guess I'm off to my LBS in the morning to see if I can fit a regular bearing in this hub............I'm assuming that Huffy saved about 10 cents a bike to omit these parts. I guess that the majority of their bikes don't go far enough for people to find this out.............

Unless there WAS a collar that got ground up, not having a retainer is not that big an issue. Some very high quality bike hubs use loose ball bearings. (cant remember names but good stuff)
Opinions vary, but I'd just use them as long as there is no damage to the races or cones.
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