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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

It took me awhile, but I read all 80 pages. Lots of good advice(and some bad. lol )

It seems like an obvious thing to me, but after seeing two bikes with the same problem i have to add this tip.

Keep your wiring as far away from the exhaust as you can.

I watched a guy work on his bike for two days trying to find his "air leak". his bike just didn't have the power it should. Long story short he took my advice and the bike runs like new again.

Also if you have rust in your fuel tank you can do what i did to an old Garden tiller as a temporary fix until you fix the rust problem.
Place a neodymium magnet near the fuel outlet. any metal on the way out of the tank will be pulled to the magnet. (old computer hard drives are a good source for the magnets.)
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