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Default Re: Fred's (Cr Machine) motor Ordered!

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Just wanted to say, do what you want with what you have to do it with and enjoy what you've done, if you're happy with what you have and you enjoy it just the way it is, I say who cares what anyone else thinks.

None of my bikes are very fancy but I enjoy every minute I ride any of them.
Happy safe riding.
sounds like a tongue twister lol i ride this bike and i enjoy every minute of it even with the way it looks. I dont care. As long as it works i will ride it lol but me building another bike when i can is something I want to do and accomplish and hopefully when people around my area see how nice of a bike it will be, then maybe ill have more motorized bicyclists. I would like to ride with others when I have the chance but thia isnt cali lol they seemed to have the most people

Originally Posted by Robby View Post
I reckon the china kits should come with a roll of duct tape. Standard tanks don't come with turtle wax, as you can't polish a t.......
oh yea the directions would say "if everything fails, use duct tape" (in chinese) lol

Originally Posted by graydog8josh View Post
everyone saying they can do it for cheaper... do it then. There must be a reason why none of the very reputable vendors advertised on this site arent selling 5-9hp chinas for 300 bucks. But the first reputable person that puts one up for sale, ill buy 3 where i would have bought one 9hp.
I dont think its silly at all, especially since ive had so much trouble after taking these engines apart. Having to take it off put it back together try to run it, take it off again, change carbs change jets inspect the head...
I finally just wanted something that i could leave the head on, get the power and just go. Its worth every penny.
I hope to hear some speed figures DC... I have been looking at fred's site too.
Thanks man! what does "DC" mean? well for speed, i dont have an "accurate" speedometer but i am using the vintage one. Doesnt seem accurate but looks cool! All i know is my stock motor i used to have I could barely get the needle to hit 40mph going down just a slight decline (not even knowing its a hill), but with this motor i had it go off the charts as in my speedo maxes out at 50 lol so i mean once i get a new speedo or i could use my phone ill put up some numbers. Should be much faster though once i add my sick bike parts exhaust on and re-tune
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