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Default Re: Might as well get a thread started...

Yeah, about that welding thing.

I figured I'd practice on the exhaust so that when it came time to work on the tank I could hopefully have the kinks worked out. I've never done more than spot welds with the MIG while building various projects.

Yeah, we've got JB Weld, JB Kwik, Quicksteel, and various other types of A-B metal fillers. I've used JB Weld and JB Kwik to lock differentials in RC applications but never trusted it with something I actually ride in or on.

The JB Kwik has a 300 degree limit, JB Weld has a 600 degree limit, and the Quicksteel has a 500 degree limit.

I read your post while in town and decided to pick up some Quicksteel since it sets fast like JB Kwik but has a temp limit close to that of JB Weld.

Got home and bead blasted the weld from earlier to clean it up. I then mixed up a small batch and applied it to the seam. If it works well here It'll sure save some time making things look nice.

The Quicksteel is hard now, I'll wait until tomorrow to fully work it.
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