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Default Re: My first build from Portland OR

Welcome aboard, Alouicious.

The dual brake handle is good, though maybe not absolutely necessary. You can always mount two brake handles for your right hand. I've done it before. You can stagger them so that they fit and your right hand can still clamp over both if you want. Two rim brakes and one coaster brake give me plenty of braking power. It's a good set-up.

You ought to be glad to see the arch when you get your chance. If you look at a photo of the St Louis skyline and ponder it for a moment, you can see that it's a pretty impressive structure. When you see it in person the effect is magnified.

I think that St Louis got the nickname 'gateway to the west' in the time leading up to the Civil War when it was the last city of any size and sophistication that you were going to see for a while. Perhaps some viewed it as the end of 'civilization'. But more optimistic types saw it as the beginning of big adventure, opportunity, freedom, etc.

And I think the arch is a modern interpretation of that whole 'gateway' idea.
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