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Default Re: motorized bike review after 1000 miles

A nice little video report-

and a nasty fall at the end! I'm assuming you're OK.

I have had good luck with my bikes- it'll be four years this Spring since the first- Don't have quite 1000 on that one- 250 miles or something on the speedo I put on a couple of years back- but I ride the second one- the 50 much more-estimate close to 3000 on the motor

never had to tear the first one apart at all cept to put in sound dampeners- and I do put grease on the gears.

just had some bottom end troubles on the 50- and apparently the small gear somehow got a bit bent- a new one seems to have the bottom still rotating, but never got it apart into the main gears or flywheel-

I started thinking though about how one could occassionaly get some lubrication on the main bearings and lower crank bearing- it was easy with the jug off and the assembly really loosened up over it-

any time I may have a jug off, I'm definitely gonna be out to flush and lube the bottom crankcase.

there's a newer motor on the bike now though-

Could one get some oil occasionally through a port if the piston were clear?
I wonder if it would even be possible to have a slight bit of oil in the bottom of the case, like a 4 cycle?

I wonder if anyone has ever tried this or if there has been discussion of this.

the top cylinderr stuff is fairly easy to replace, especially once you know it, but the motor's life is really then in the bottom end, a much harder unit to service

anyway, good luck with the bike. They are a nice piece of transportation and save me a lot of car use.

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