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Loved motored stuff as a kid. Loved mountain biking also. Had a dirt bike and loved riding that. I work as a race car engineer and have two unfinished race car projects sitting around due to cost involved in finishing them.
Once on the way to work I saw an old dude doing 35mph in traffic on a Walmart style mountain bike with a HT on it. He kept up with me in flowing traffic, 2 pedals at the lights and then off he went! I was blown away!
I use to walk along a shared bike/walking path and use to think: "wouldn't a push bike with a stonking chainsaw motor strapped to it be a hoot along here!!" I don't care much for pedaling.
Living the dream now, and I love not having to pay registration and licensing for it.
If I have the energy, one day I would love to build a scratch built frame and maybe even a crank case that mounted in front of the cranks like on some old mopeds. Such creative fun!
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