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Default Re: leather and Motorized bicycles

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Not to be a stickler or anything, but shouldn't this thread be posted in the "Motorized Bicycle Accessories"?

And now it's starting to lean towards the "Motorized Bicycle Swap And Shop" it not?

When I think of fabrication, leather never crosses my mind...
i am trying to show another way you can customize your bike by fabricating your own seats, saddle bags, tool pouches, gas tank covers, grips ect. leather can be molded a lot like clay and the uses on motorized bicycles are pretty limitless. I plan to help other members looking to make their own bags and stuff if they ask which is what this forum is about.
i did not put it in accessories because hand carved leather for bicycle accessories are not available and if you want them you have to fabricate your own.

master shake: leather can be made any color. they have a dark walnut which comes to mind to get the look you want. its really pretty easy to work with and the costs are not that bad if you watch for leather to go on sell

scotto: i am doing this for my own pleasure and motorized bicycle at this time not selling anything.
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