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Default Re: A rant by Maniac57 about freedom.

I'm with maniac on this one. I live in Pennsylvania, and most cops here don't know the laws on motorized bicycles (for those who care because I know someone will comment about it, they are considered mopeds here, and the limits are under 50cc, 1.95 bhp or less, automatic transmission {no clutching to shift} and they must be registered which means they pass an enhanced inspection, DOT approved tires, headlight and tail light, directionals are not required as hand signals are allowed for bicycles here, must be plated, titled and insured, and must have a valid PA drivers license). My bike is illegal to begin with because my engine is over the legal limit at 98cc's. I do have a good headlight, tail light and even a brake light, but I wouln't know where to begin finding all the DOT approved items required to pass the enhanced inspection, and I have never had a driver's license because I never had enough money to buy a car. But my choice to not obey these requirements is not because I am unable to or can't afford to, its because I simply do not WANT to. I believe in a person's RIGHT to be able to get themselves around, whether its on a "legally recognized" form of transportation or not. My bike not only has an engine that's twice the legal limit, it full-on LOOKS like a motorcycle. I've had several people ask if its a Harley. I pass right by cops on my look-alike motorcycle, with my full-face motorcycle helmet on, and they don't even blink as I'm doing 30 in a 25 in the shoulder. If a cop pulled me over, I would lie and say its a 49cc (and have already). I will not let the government interfere with my ability to be mobile.
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