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"Some guys really understand tuning, others have trouble, and these engines can also be finicky. I understand a lot about 2 stroke engines, how they work, and the modifications such as boost porting and reed valves. HOWEVER, I am NOT the best tuner, and I can admit that. There is also the issue of these engines all being different, and what works for one engine may not work for another (in regards to tuning, the point being that each engine requires individual tuning)."

BBB has it exactly right here. The china girl is a WONDERFUL motor if you have a feel for two-strokes. As long as your kit is properly tuned and operated, it is stone reliable and simple as a brick.
I have lost track of how many miles I have on My Pig, and I have not had a single part of the engine break yet.
Home made expansion chamber pipe, HD #40 chain, and a 36tooth sprocket have given me well over 10k trouble and failure free miles.
I'm just about needing another new sprocket and probably (finally) a new chain. (This is the third sprocket I've used up)
Oh wait, I did buy a new plug too, two or three years ago...
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.

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