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Originally Posted by Dave31 View Post
motorized bicycles our legal in Mexico. I've ridden in Mexico since i go there a lot to visit family. You might have trouble bringing your motorized bicycle back across the border if you have no paper work to prove ownership. It all depends on the border guard, some will let you pass no questions ask and others will give you a hard time.

Yes, mexico has 2-stroke oil but not everyplace stocks it.

Just a bit of advice, Riding a motorized bicycle in Mexico is nothing like riding one in the states. People drive way different in Mexico if you let your guard down for a second it could really cost you. My buddy Alex got run over by a Red Cross ambulance, apparently the red lights mean move or I'll run you over lol. Kill one person to go save another..yeah thats good thinking!
Gracias Amigo. I just want it to putput around a small town, like Los Algodones. That is where I first saw one of these bikes, actually. I do not mind having just the normal bicycle, but I need something for the hills, and to extend my range. Also, I wonder if Pemex fuel has Ethanol in it..that is my big question. I have considered many places in Mexico. Chetumal, for instance, and want to stay for a extended period of time. Even Rocky Point might be a nice change from around here.
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