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Default Should I just buy this Motorized S.Stingray?

So I was planning on doing a 2-stroke build (my last one is ruined) , but was just browsing CL and found this

But the problem is I'd have to pay my friend $40 to drive me 50 mile drive. and he is firm on the price, he says it's basically new.

I really want it buy have a few problems:
-Those are really small (I could get a layback seatpost, long sissybar, and handle bars that reach back, would that help?)
-It's quite far to pick up...
-And the money is kind of a lot for me, especially when I have a brand new 2-stroke kit in my room, but I know buying this would be much easier as long as I wouldn't have to fix something every 2 days like my last build...
-I could also purchase a used "Dimension edge" friction drive kit for $200....which would be much easier and I know i wouldn't have to tinker with it too much.

BUT the stingray looks so cool to me haha...IF I bought it, i'd be taking the less practical way but it'd be my sinful pleasure...

What do you guys think I should do?

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