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Default Re: Too hot to ride?

Originally Posted by dodge dude94 View Post
96.6 here with a heat index of 106
Supposed to get up to 100 today and tomorrow. Heat indexes should top 110.
I always smile at 'indexes' and can relate to them during monsoon when the dew point is over 55F and high humidity but no index's with today, it's peak time right now (4PM) and back here in the shop to let the desert cat out, by desert cat I mean he finds the hottest place in the house to nap all the time.

Anyway I put him out and he ran once he felt the heat to the shaded side wall, dug a hole like a gopher, took a big dump and then covered it back up, then sprinted back to the door all in about 90 seconds.
'Good kitty' hehehe.

No kidding guys it really is brutal today, I went out to get the mail and burned my hand on the mailbox and forget BBQ for dinner tonight even though with an oven mitt I could open the grills lit and cook without even lighting it, just walking outside makes even the most seasoned of us sick.
Thanks you good AC here but I imagine tomorrows news will make national news again with a few people dropping over dead here today.
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