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Default Re: Too hot to ride?

Originally Posted by Huffydavidson View Post
Mouser Electronics is got them and Barrel switch like a soda machine key.
My very first keylock ignition was with an old IBM Compatible case Keyboard Lock barrel switch, too funny but it worked.

But back to Too Hot To Ride?

I was greeted with this on local TV news at 6 this morning.

In short not a friendly weather day today.

This should be the worst until the monsoon season starts and temps start on a 'cooling trend' tomorrow. I always have to laugh at that TV weather phrase, these is nothing 'cool' about 110F.

I have no problem staying in AC so midday heat is not that bad, it's the morning lows that really hurt as I can't open the house up for some fresh air.

That's OK with me, I don't have shovel heat and I'll be riding around come winter holiday time ;-}
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