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Default Re: Cheese Head State of Mind

Here is some information that was discussed on the forum already:

Along with here:

This is from Lynn's shop in Greenfield. There is a letter from the Dept of Transportation on this page:

A PDF that states the regulations:

A list of sites for each state:

This should help out on what you are looking for.

I live in Waukesha and go to Lake Michigan a lot with my motorized bicycle and never had any trouble. I always carry the laws with me so if I do get stopped and they don't know the regulation I have them there for them. I also take the Glacial Drumline State Trail to Madison a few time, been stopped by a few people but when they call it in to their boss he always tells him we are legal and just to make sure I have my pass. Never got a ticket or any harassment from authorities. More questions and how to's, what it does and those type of questions. The harassment come from drivers on the rode who think they own it. So as long as you stay in those guidelines you should never have a problem. Might see ya around, been a busy summer.

Don't forget to add yourself to the map as well:

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