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Default Re: MB vs EMP

if the professor on gilligan's island could make a bamboo bicycle powered generator on a deserted island back in the 70's, i'm sure i could figure out how to make a zombie-powered treadmill, which would in turn, power everything in my house.

it'd be the ultimate perpetual motion machine. zombies don't require food for fuel, never get tired, and would be easy to replace when they wear out.

i figure after 6+months of continuous walking on rotting flesh, their legs would eventually break off, or their feet would wear down to the bone. then you'd have your standard "crawling zombie," and you'd have to take care of that.

i suppose you could shoot him in the head, but you could just build a big trench around your house and let them fall in after they crawl around the treadmills. eventually you'd have to empty the trench, but if it was deep enough you'd have years before it became a problem.

having a wall of treadmill-zombies would also protect you and your stuff from other survivors. who'd wanna break into a house surrounded by the undead? not me, that's for sure.

now, i know what you're thinking. "how do i leave when there's hundreds of zombies on treadmills, and a moat filled with legless zombies everywhere i look?"



while you're out collecting treadmills from your neighbors' garages, go in the backyard and get a coupla good trampolines.

put one on your side of the moat, and another on the zombie side. you'll have to figure out for yourself what distance your comfortable with, depending on your zombie hopping skills.

don't forget a pile of mattresses. or better yet, gym mats. you're gonna need something to land on after the second bounce...

gym mats might be tough to come by, though. there's probably gonna be a bunch of trigger happy dumb-a$$es holed up in the school gym. and we all know they're just bait, as zombies seem to be smart enough to go to schools, hospitals, and anywhere else there's a lot of dark hallways and doors, not to mention those windows with the mesh inside you can't break.

so if you want the gym mats, best to get there during the initial outbreak, right after the EMP before it gets too crazy...
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