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Default Re: Might as well get a thread started...

Thanks, Kim!

Spent more time this afternoon cleaning the joint and smoothing it out. Will probably be 100% happy with it tomorrow. Also slash cut the curved end of the pipe and taped it to the bike to see how I'd like it. The masking tape didn't hold it exactly in place but it's close enough to get an overall feel for how it'll look.

So here's how it'll work.

The stock canister will be welded/brazed in place like so:

The main assembly will sit just forward of the rear wheel.

Top view

Rear view

The tape didn't hold the pipe in place just right and it rotated/fell a bit, but that's pretty much the plan.

The piece looks big right now but it'll appear smaller when it gets the black ceramic treatment.
If it's worth building, it's worth over-building.
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