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Default Re: spedo/odometer question

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
I suppose it depends on your weather and eyesight as to what works best, for me here in the desert anything electronic is a waste of money for me, I have like 5 little cheap speedo's on the 'useless' shelf.

Between the heat, sun glare and tiny digital display they either fail from heat or way to difficult to glance at for my current speed so I just use a big 'ole analog speedo.

$25 at my local bike shop.
yeah will see ,I live in pa weather isn't to bad ,I never ridding my bike in the rain its 20 years old and in almost perfect shape. so if it breaks on my bike wasn't meant to be lol
I will be putting a motor on the bike soon,so it might start getting beat up ,wonder if I should change the tires 20 years on tires too much? there still brand new looking ,I don't see any rot ,
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