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Default Re: Too hot to ride?

Originally Posted by JustAnotherBozoOnABike View Post
...the second link in your sig is still inactive bro, i was thinking about ordering one of your keyed CDI's and i'm having trouble finding it using the only working link in your sig. (i tried to recommend it in a thread by someone wanting to rig a DIY killswitch too and that's how i found the dead link again)

...anyway, i'm not in any hurry but i am lusting after one of your keyed CDI's so i figured i'd give you a shout out and let you know your server problems still exist, to some extent at least.

peace, bozo
Thanks, I changed my sig here when the server was down, I'll fix it.

You couldn't find my keylock page because I don't sell them anymore.
I went through all 50 of those 4 tumbler cash register key switches I bought over a year ago and don't have $500 to order them again.

Ya, $10 each if you buy 50, nearly impossible to find at any price for just 1 but they worked perfect in the black plastic hobby boxes.

I still use the black boxes as I still re-wire every build, but as mentioned you could just put a mini SPST toggle switch in there and it would work, the key part (pun intended) with that key switch was it is weatherproof, hard to pick, short enough to fit in the box, and the key could be removed in the on or off position. When epoxied to the top of the CDI trying to remove it would destroy the CDI wires so if a thief stole your bike he couldn't make it run without a new CDI ;-}
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