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Default Re: Peoria, Illinois

Hi Nunyadam,

For a while today I thought I would have to drive down your way.
A surgeon had suggested me to see a neurologist down there to
have a nerve conduction test run for my back problem. He finally
got one here to do the test. If it doesn't get what he wants I
will have to go to the one in Springfield. I was down there in May.
I was on the A.B.A.T.E. ride for motorcycle awareness on the 5th.
I used to get down there two or three times every week. Since I
retired I no longer do work on problem issues with vehicle titles. I
used to handle a lot of those for people and got down to the SOS
offices quite often. I did that independently, but as an officer I also
regularly went with another officer down there on some weekends
for the night life. Up here it was kind of a hassle to go out for a
quiet, and pleasant night where everyone seemed to know us.
If I am to get down there in the future I may let you know in here
when that would be planned. Maybe we could then meet for coffee.

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