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Default The Name is "Nunya" (please don't call me "Nuny")

Nunyadam one of the "Boys from Illinois"

Soon to be a first time Builder. Doing my research first, making (hopefully)less mistakes later.

I know people with motorized bikes, and helped out a bit with a neighbors, also mechanically inclined.
My mentors?
The Professor from Gilligan's Island (he could build anything out of nothing.)
and MacGyver. (do you see a common thread here?)

What have I learned so far?

They are all cheap Chinese kits. (for the most part.)

Parts will need to be adjusted.

A good condom will last longer than the chrome on the grips. (plasti-chrome was wearing off on day one of the neighbors build.)

Buy better replacement parts WHEN (not if) things break.

throw the bolts that come with the kit away and buy grade 8.

use locktite.

NOT DOING THIS! rubber bushings under the motor mounts.

Get the stock bike running first before you make upgrades, after that make one at a time.

There is more, but I just wanted to say Hello!, and let You know I'm not just jumping into this blind. Lots more to learn. (how do you tune an Expansion tube for everyday riding?)

I'll end here with a Picture of my Victim.

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