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Default Re: Simulated Break In Period

Originally Posted by 577-Jersey View Post
Proper break in is horse hockey!!!I raced,and worked on 2 stroke bikes my whole life,,for over 35 years,,always taught to break em in like your gonna ride em,,as long as the motor is warmed up you can bring it up to WOT a few times when new,,never hurt it,,even a fully broke in motor could blow if ran WOT for a long period of time,,these are two strokes,high reving motors,,you cant hold em WOT for to long,,but as for break in make sure its warm then just ride it,,keep checking the motor and make sure its running smooth and not too hot,,after a couple tanks I would lean up on the mix.
If break in was so dang important we would have to do it with ALL our 2 cycle motors including chainsaws,weed eaters,blowers,ect....I run mine hard right from the warm up,,never had an issue in 35+years.

Peace out!

I'm just about to buy my first kit and I'm doing research before hand. I tend to agree with your assessment on the break in, but I do have one question. (at the moment. More to follow.)

Chainsaws and Weed Eaters specify 50:1, 32:1, 16:1 and such oil fuel ratios right from the get go. Why do these engines need the extra oil at break in?

Is it really necessary?
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