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Default Re: Reasons for riding MB

I agree with the reasons above. But I also have another one; I am just sick to death of driving a car.

It's just one red light after another. Just when you get up to speed, everyone has to stop again. You're surrounded by others. Most of them aren't truly rude, but most of them aren't enjoying themselves either. They pack in around you and each other. It doesn't occur to them that they should give even an inch of space in case something goes wrong. You get the idea.....

I'm also convinced that being in a car everyday is unhealthy. Just getting in and out of the stupid thing over and over again becomes painful quickly. Most of my neighbors never, literally never, walk beyond their property line. If they leave their homes, they do it in a car.

I alternate between a motorized bike and a plain old pedal bicycle. I'll ride one for two or three weeks until I get the urge for the other. Even in bad weather it feels good. The weather has to be extreme before I find myself thinking, 'this is misery. I wish I weren't out here.' I doubt if that happens more than once a year.

Repeat after me; "Four wheels baaaadd, Two wheels goooddd".
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