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I'm confused now after watching the video. So when I first put the carb together I put the slotted washer on top. I was trying to follow the manual which the instruction are wishi washi and the pictures are even worst, very hard to see and blurry in top of that. So I was looking at other manuals online at it shows to put the slotted washer before you drop the needle in. So when I rebuild the carb and did all the other overhauling that you and 2door suggested I put the slotted washer before the needle and now my engine is running sweet. So which one is it before or after the needle please let me know as soon as possible because I just bought an copper gas shut of valve because my was defective and I also bought gas tubing to move my gas tank forward because when I service the carb last time it became to short and now my gas tank is position all the way back by the seat. It looks ugly and it's very uncomfortable and I want to do all this fix up things as soon as possible. So thanks in advance. I'm waiting for your reply before I start this gas repair so I can also put the washer in the right place. Me I'm my daughter I went to a motor bike shop today to buy the parts and I saw the different motor bikes installation. Now I know if the frame is small to use a side ways mount manifold pipe so the carb would seat outside the frame so guess what I'm buying my daughter a smaller bike and putting an engine in for her when I can save up the money. Thanks Again and waiting for your reply.
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