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Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
Well, that's mighty strange.
...not really man, i'm new to this and i'm not a mechanic so i'm looking to find some help rather than taking a chance of turning something simple into something much less simple,

...unfortunately, there don't seem to be too many RI riders who i can ask for help.

...if i can't find help i'm sure i'll figure it out eventually, i'm not the kind of guy who gives up easily and i was having a real blast on the bike before i messed things up.

...i didn't build this bike so, being inexperienced, i kinda don't know where to begin in the troubleshooting so i've already bought a kit from GasBike and if i don't get any help with my current problem then i'm gonna take myself to school by building one myself.

...i learn fast and i can teach myself, in time, but it sure would be easier if i had someone to mentor me now, early in the learning process.

peace, bozo
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