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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Welcome to the forum. Miami is where I was born and raised. Haven't been down for several years. Good old town and good memories. If, we're talking about Miami Florida. There are 13 Miamis in the US

Throw the instructions in the trash. 16:1 is too much oil. Reduce your oil ratio to no more than 24:1. After two or three gallons burned you can reduce it down to 32:1 and enjoy the bike.

Yes, you have the NT carburetor. Make sure it is sealed well to the intake manifold and the manifold is sealed to the cylinder with a good gasket. By sealing I don't mean relying on the metal to metal attachment of the carburetor to the intake. You need to use a good gasoline resistant sealer and/or an 'O' ring in the carburetor throat. Personally I don't use or trust the 'O' rings alone. They rely too much on a tight fit to seal.

The idle speed screw is only a mechanical stop that controls the heigth of the throttle slide. When screwed in it increases the idle speed. The carburetor throttle slide, or barrel, will only go in properly one way. The short slot goes to the left, looking down at the carb, and aligns the idle speed screw. The long slot goes to the right and is a guide that aligns with a pin in the carb body.

Thank You 2door I followed your sugestions about the gas ratio, I also bought an NGK B6HS spark plug, I opened the carb again and adjusted the needle to the 2nd slot, and by doing that I notice I had done and improper installation of the washer with the slot, you are 100% right that manual is garbage, when I was putting the carb together and was trying to follow the pictures and instructions of the manual on where to put the slotted washer, since I had no idea and never had rebuilt a carb before, it seemed to me that you just drop the washer in top of the needle and that 's how I did it. I don't know how the **** the motor even ran for so long till it started bogging out on Sunday. Now is running so sweet and idling wonderfully. I could not find the O ring or I haven't found one yet they where to thick, but when I took out the manifold I did notice it had a cardboard gasket on it, it will have to do for the moment till I can order a new manifold gasket so at least is not metal to metal for know. (By the way which brand of silicon gas resistance should I use I'm afraid to use something that will turn into mush and go into the engine.) Please give me a couple of suggestions on which brand should I buy. Thank again in advance
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